My go-to gigging guitar is my stock SE One. The tone, touch sensitivity, and output punch of the P-90 works perfectly with my rig and playing style. And despite attempts to get the same mojo with my Cu24, it's just not there. I'd like to find a pup for the Cu24 that is similar in output to the P-90 without losing the humbucker character. Something that breaks up nicely, has a chimey top-end, controllable bottom and touch sensitive. And no, I don't want it to sound the same as the P-90 (otherwise, I'd just install a P-90 ).

The stock HFS/VBs were way too bright and powerful so I switched to 57/08s. PIO cap was the only other modification. It sounds fantastic in its own right, and if I were looking for a guitar with it's own sound, this is it! But its bite doesn't mesh with the One. Are the 59/09s a better match? DC resistance isn't always the best comparison, but is the 59/09 that much more powerful than the 57/08 to be considered a solution?

I don't want to revoice my amp or pedals to compensate for the difference in guitars. Does anyone switch between these two guitars? If so, what pups do you have in the Cu24?

FYI, I currently play in a classic rock gig with an old Boogie amp.