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Took me half a year, finally found one in really really great shape (Merry XMAS), and if I had to keep only one SE it would be her:

Did some scratch tracks with her and directly our through the redbox on the Tubemeister she sounds amazing. Did three tracks, three different pickup positions, varying degrees of volume and gain. It's amazing how many sounds you can get out of this guitar, how sweet and raunchy you can get with one single instrument. Want more. Might check out one of the new SE 245 Soapbars when they hit my store, but I love the combination of the light hollowbody and P90s, and the SE 245 is quite a chunk of guitar...will be interesting to hear the differences.
Thanks for the report! Thanks for the GAS... There's one available new in my country, I'd hate to think how much they want for it!