Posted this over on VR. Figured this would be a good first post over here at the official forum

I received my summer thank you pack from PRS based on my purchase of a Santana. It is great to have extra strings, maintenance kit, and another strap. What makes this pack the bomb is getting the PRS instrument cable. I have other "boutique" instrument cables, viz. Zaolla and Elixir. The Zaolla cuts the highs (guitars sound bassy) and the Elixir cuts the bass (guitars sound treblily). I always consider the generic whirlwinds the Chuck Levin's embosses their name the standard. Now, to me, this PRS cable made by VanDamme is the watermark. The tone sounds unalterated and clear. The jack ends fit sound into the sockets, they are neither to loose nor so big as to deflect the socket beyond it state of standard flexing. Does not seem to tangle upon itself. Highly recommend getting one. Someday I will get another one.