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Thread: NGD, SE Santana

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    NGD, SE Santana

    Here is my newest guitar, the Paul Read Smith SE Santana.
    Just got back from picking it up.

    Went to a local shop called A Sharp Music down by my work a few weeks ago since they are an authorized PRS dealer.
    I was a little worried when I read it had a wide fat neck since I like the slim 60's style on my Gibson '61 SG Reissue, but the Santana neck feels just fine.
    Played the yellow one they had in stock, and fell in love with it right there, but I wanted the orange color, so the store had to order it for me from PRS.
    What turned me on by this shop too is they throw in two complete tuneups for free after you buy your guitar.
    Of course they do a complete tuneup on it too after it comes in from PRS checking/adjusting anything that may be out of whack.

    Guitar Center where I bought my Gibson SG does not do this, you have to pay extra to get a guitar setup
    So this time I choose to support the smaller guy's instead if the big chain, and I am glad I did.
    No high pressure sales guy's running around trying to push stuff on you, and your guitar is totally setup for you.
    Will be taking my SG to them later to setup and also put the Planet Waves Autotrim tuners on it.

    It came in Thursday, and they spent Friday setting it up and adding Planet Waves Autotrim tuners, and Ernie Ball Cobalt 9-42 Super Slinkies.

    The guitar comes with a padded gig bag, and I wanted a hardshell case similar to my Gibson, and PRS makes one that fits a few of their guitars.
    I was turned onto a company called Sweetwater, and what a company they are.
    Great customer service, and you get the same sales rep each time you order with them, very cool.
    They carry the PRS Vintage Guitar Case for $129 which is a pretty good deal.
    Ordered it last Wednesday, and it came the day before the 4th of July.
    Free shipping, and no salestax
    With the tremolo bar on the lid pushes down on it, so I am leaving it off.
    I really do not use a tremolo bar.

    I know I have posted a few of these Santana videos before on other sites, but here they are again.

    This guy below here can really shred, he lets loose later in the video.

    This guy below is using the same amp I have for his video.

    The guitar sounds and feels great to me, and I think I like the Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkies better than the Ernie Ball Titanium Slinkies I have on my SG.
    The Cobalts have more punch to them.

    Here are a few pics of my new addition.
    The finish on the guitar is urethane based unlike the nitro lacquer that Gibson uses.
    It seems to be flawless, just like my SG.

    One thing though, I think the shop did not stretch my strings, as it has gone out of tune a few times already.
    Not to fret, the postman should be dropping off one of these for me today that I ordered Tuesday.
    Video at their site on how it works.
    After the problems I had with my SG going out of tune when I got it, then learning from the guitar tech for Queensryche, (my Gibson sales guy at Guitar Center) I now know you have to stretch the strings.

    Here is the whole herd so far

    Closeup of the Santana

    Backside shot

    The PRS case from Sweetwater, a perfect fit

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    Cool guitar, I'm sure I will cross paths with one of these someday.

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    Finally played one of these in a GC near me the other day. Very nice and very tempting. Nice top on yours.
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    Corey, glad you finally got your guitar and what a nice one she is! Congrats! I love the 24.5 scale on my Santana SE too. Very comfortable to play.

    I noticed your Mustang in the pics. Do you have any presets available for download on the Fuse site? My username on there is Hopeful Sinner as well, so if you ever wanna try out some of my uploaded presets, feedback is always welcome!

    Anyhoo, enjoy your new fiddle!

    "I'm a sinner and I hope I never change"

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    Great looking axe. I went looking for one at my local shop a little over a year ago and they didn't have one, but they did have one of the 25th anniversary SECU 24's with a killer top, and I couldn't pass it up... It's my #1 now, great guitar. Still love these Santana SE's though, one of the best sounding SE's to date I think!
    -I'm no expert, but it seems to work and I haven't electrocuted myself yet. Which is pretty much the standard I live by.

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    Thanks Jon.
    I have not installed the Fuse software yet, so I do not have any custom presets.
    Pretty cool little amp, but I use the Carvin more, I just turn it down, and have it on the low 7 watt setting.

    Thanks Andy, I was even figuring out parts to Santana's Black Magic Woman yesterday, and the SE hits the tone pretty good for it.

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