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Thread: If there were a Lesson Lab or Players Corner...

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    If there were a Lesson Lab or Players Corner...

    I would past THIS clip in there. I hope you find it useful. I will!
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    Thanks for that Hans... Essential viewing!

    Love to see something like that on here... Or a section for folks to post links to their songs / vids, etc... (On PRS Equipment of course! )
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    Here is a way to practise alternate picking with some open triad inversion ideas.The idea is to practise technique with some harmonic content.Amp is my crappy Fender Mustang that i hate and camera is my ultracrappy webcam so....enjoy!

    progression G/A/Bm/A/G/A/Bm/G/Gm/D

    I3-------------7-5--------------9-7------------------10- the rest of the inversions you figure out
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