Firstly, hello all. My name is Darren and this is my first post here.
I recently purchased a SE30 head which I think is fantastic. But as I ve learnt how to get what I want from the amp and how to get the best from it I ve noticed something that I'm not sure if it's a fault of a design trait.
The lead channel is much much louder than the clean. And I mean alot louder.
For instance, if I set a flat eq on both channels, say 12 I clock. The pre amp amp gain at 9 o clock on both channels and the master vol on both channels at 12. The lead channel appears to be at least twice as loud as the clean.
To achieve a balanced volume between the channels, I have to just about dime the clean vol, and back the lead master vol right off.
I suspect if it is faulty it is likely to be a faulty tube. I have a couple of spare 12AX7s, and was going to swap out the clean and lead pre amp tubes for the process of elimination. But even thought the handbook indicates what tubes are where. No indication is given for the V1 and V2 positions ( usual pre amp positions).
I ve even watched some demos on you tube, try to see the control positions along with any noticeable volume jump.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.