With it's top neck and its resonnant body, I was disapointed of the limited possibilities of my SAS .

So here we go : this axe is great enough to worth a more sofistiqued electronic !

I choose Rio Grande pickups coz they can provide an humbucker made with two single coils ! ( halfbreed humbucker )

SO I could have a SUPER strat single coil neck sound !

Then I put an halfbreed RW/RP in the middle position == quack and typical 'out-of-phase' strat sounds.

and finally a Barbecue humbucker in the bridge : this humbucker is the 'cool' deal == GREAT split sound and a spicey 'Texas' sound in humbucker mode !

To deal with all these, I've installed a five rotary switch giving the 5 usual strat positions and a push-push to split the neck and bridge humbuckers.

... do I need to tell you ALL the possibilities I get now ( S/S/S, S/S/H, H/S/S, H,S,H ).

I've had something like 15 strats ( I was building strats from friends some years ago from the BEST parts I can find on eBay ... ... ), I still have 3 of them ( not the worst, you can believe me ... )

and this SAS kills them in every points !!! ... and I get the humbuckers ... and its whole new dimension and "another story "

... so : WHEN PRS will build the SAS directly this way ?