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Thread: Going to NAMM this weekend

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    Going to NAMM this weekend

    I looked at the directory & I not real impressed. I know PRS doesn't go to summer NAMM any longer, but it seems that quite a few vendors have bagged Nashvegas this year. Kind of a bummer. MAybe I'll find something new I've never heard before.
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    The Experience is PRS's summer NAMM....

    I remember Paul talking about the shrinking of ALL things NAMM a couple of years ago.

    Have fun and don't spend all of your lunch money....
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    have fun and visit the Diezel booth.
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    I haven't been to the Nash-NAMM in years. Not since I was in the industry. Always loved the first night out at all the bars and various venues for the huge showing of great talent in one place. Hopefully that hasn't changed. But then again, that pretty much describes every weekend in Nashville, doesn't it? Have fun Chris!

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