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    Acoustic Event Last Night

    Fellow member Russ and I caught up with Paul, Tony, and Martin last night. Wildwood (Steve M.) hosted a Collection Acoustic event at the Lion's Gate Center in Lafayette, Colorado. It was a cozy gathering of around 100 people in a wonderful banquet hall that had hardwood floors and acoustically treated ceilings. The sound quality was exceptional and the room was festooned with Private Stock and Collection Series PRS guitars.

    I learned a lot about PRS acoustics last night. Paul (who was in a very good mood) was more forthcoming about the technology he employs than I would have expected. There were a lot of details discussed that connect with mechanically-minded guitarists (like me). He spend a lot of time discussing luthiery as a subtractive process. He seemed intent on getting people to truly understand what separates PRS acoustic guitars from other instruments and he took some chances to illustrate (audibly) some of the principals he was sharing.

    I've always known that I would end with a PRS acoustic but I have to tell you, I am really torn (now) about which model to chase. I'll be scheduling some sit-and-play time sooner than later, that much is certain.

    As always, it was a pleasure to hear Tony and his "biotic thumb" again. One day I hope to see if my liver can keep up with his. Martin absolutely blew me away. Of course I've been in the same room with the man a handful of times but never to hear him play. It was memorable. He made sounds come out of his guitar that I didn't even think possible. And both of those guys, together, make quite a team. McManus & Simpson? Simpson McManus? Hmmmm....

    There is no doubt that people expect a glowing review to come from me - which is too bad. I AM a fanboi but If I didn't like them, I would politely say so. The SE acoustics, as an example, weren't as deep and rich as the Collection acoustics. But we are talking about very different price-points (and all that goes with that). The people who will really make an impression on readers are those who openly doubt PRS acoustics and then hear these guitars for themselves.

    I highly encourage you guys to get out there and attend one of these events, even if you think you already know the scoop. You will be surprised. I was.
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