I'm hoping most of you have seen the video of Bob Taylor talking about the ebony shortage and what is happening there. I'm hesitant to post a link here. I know Bob and Paul are friends, but I don't know if that link would violate the spirit of this forum. If a moderator thinks it is appropriate, I invite them to post a link to the vid.

What I want to discuss, though, is something that was revealed in that video which should be within the interest of the members here.

Something like 9 out of 10 ebony trees cut down are left in the forest to rot just because they are figured and not totally black. As Bob tells it, there is nothing wrong with the wood with regards to strength or density, etc - only color. We value highly figured woods in all other species, why MUST ebony be a solid atonal black to have value?

I have seen some figured ebony and it is stunning.

So my simple question is: Do we embrace the 'new' ebony or turn up our noses?

I vote for the former.