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Thread: Virtuoso Polish Time

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    Virtuoso Polish Time

    I read on the Gibson board a few months back when I bought my SG that the best stuff to use on a nitrocellulose lacquer finish like Gibson uses is Virtuoso Polish and Cleaner.
    The SEs finish is acrylic urethane, so the Virtuoso is fine for it too.
    We set out to find a chemist capable of helping us develop a guitar care system that would allow us to clean years of accumulated dirt and grime without lifting or damaging the finish and also help protect the finish and wood underneath going forward.
    After numerous attempts and formula changes we arrived at the products now known as Virtuoso Premium Polish and Virtuoso Premium Cleaner.
    It is the only two part cleaning system designed specifically for nitrocellulose lacquer finishes.
    It also works wonders on polyurethane and UV cured finishes found on newer instruments.

    I bought both bottles awhile back, and since my guitars are both new, there was no need to use the cleaner.
    Took around 90 minutes for both guitars, and it was very relaxing watching James Bond's Octo***** (board sensor) at the same time
    Helped pass the time quicker.

    For applying I used a soft red cotton shop rag, and for buffing it out I used the Gibson thin polish cloths.
    This is a lot harder to use than the Gibson pump spray I used when I first got my SG, but the results are much better since this is a creamier polish that gets worked into the wood.

    I did both the 2012 SG '61 Reissue, and the 2012 PRS SE Santana that I picked up last Saturday.
    The pics really do not do them justice, as they look like a mirror when looking at them closely.

    After done I gave them a final rub down with another Gibson cloth.
    I might wash my new Gibson cloths first before using them again, as they tend to leave little dust particles that are actually lint from them on the surface.
    The Gibson are nice cloths though, no ruff edges and very smooth.

    On with some pic whoring
    The SG sure is longer than the Santana.

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    Just for the record, the old PRS finish and current SE finish is Acrylic Urethane. The new V12 finish is a hybrid finish

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