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Thread: PRS SE guitar Stoptail settings?

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    PRS SE guitar Stoptail settings?

    I recently tried to restring my guitar, unfortunately i didn't know the bridge wasn't fixed on and so it fell off and then after fiddling about, got it back on. However, i adjusted the height of it wrong and now it rattles a lot; so at what height should the (Stoptail) bridge be at?
    The body looks a like a 'PRS SE Bernie Marsden Signature'.
    I looked on the website, but i found it unhelpful.

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    Your pic isn't showing up, but the height it should be is relative to how high the strings are off the fretboard. I'm not sure there's a standard measurement here. Can you better isolate what's rattling?
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    What did you adjust? The post heights? I assume you now realize they don't need adjusting - can you remember what you did and undo it?

    The stop-tail bridge is a bit of a loose fit on SEs, from what I have read - nothing too worrisome, but not as tight a tolerance as some would like. Some folks use thin washers, cut with a notch, to act as spacers of a sort.

    Um, dunno what else to say. Worse come to worse, take it to your local guitar store and they should be able to help you out.

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    As long as you didn't touch the small allen adjusting screws on each side of the bridge it sounds like it's a simple height adjustment. Loosen the strings first than use a wide screwdriver and adjust the height. Trial and error will get it back to where you want it.

    From the PRS website: When setting the action at the 12th fret the string height should be 2/32" on the treble side to 5/64" on the bass side.\

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