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Thread: 59/09 & 53/10 pickups now available for sale

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    Right here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Em7 View Post
    DiMarzio trademarked the double-creme bobbin pickup decades ago, and they are not bashful about enforcing that trademark.
    They just have to get a few $$ when you make one. From what I've heard it doesn't add much to the cost. Like $10. Carvin sells their pup with that option.
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    Was thinking... as good as it is for a piezo, I could live without mine in the HBII. I would prefer a coil tap mini toggle for each 53/10 (dual toggles). We could remove the piezo system, use the existing mini toggle position for one, and remove the blend knob/pot and put the second mini toggle in it's place. This way no new holes have to be made. Also, wouldn't removing the piezo guts free up space for sound and air to move through the hollow body? Would that not improve the overal sound?
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    And I got my PRS #10 pups for free - thanks Shawn!
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