I recently scored a PRS CE-22 that the owner changed out the Dragon II pickups to a Seymour Duncan 59/JB set. He also changed the 5-way rotary switch to a 3-way toggle and wired it without any coil splitting options.

As part of my deal in buying the guitar, the seller included the stock 5-way rotary switch and the Dragon II pickups.

I've only had the CE-22 briefly and while I'm happy with the way it sounds, I'm curious as to whether I'd like the Dragon II's more or less. I should mention that I usually play with gain (modern rock to 80's hair metal levels).

I know I could just try it, but the problem is that while I've changed out a pickup in the past, it was drastically more simple than the full 5-way setup that I would need to do in order to restore the CE-22 to stock. With time being at a premium these days, I thought I'd ask for some opinions first!

So long story short, who has had the chance to compare Dragon II's with a Duncan 59/JB set in a CE-22 or any other guitar?

Also thinking of trying out a Rio Grande BBQ or something else instead of the JB in the bridge, partly because I already have a JB in my Edwards Les Paul and partly because the bridge is double-black and the neck zebra (shallow I know )

Has anyone tried these in a CE-22? Are there any other pickups that work particularly well in a CE-22 or that anyone can recommend?