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Thread: YouTube: PRS Custom 24 vs Suhr Modern vs Ernie Ball Music Man JPXI

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    YouTube: PRS Custom 24 vs Suhr Modern vs Ernie Ball Music Man JPXI

    This is a very unscientific comparison made by me. In my opinion my Navarro Custom 24 has the edge here.


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    Not surprisingly, my preference was the Cu24, although I would have backed the gain down a bit on the heavy stuff. Between the other two, I would give the edge to the Music Man, I didn't like the clean sound to much, but I thought the driven tone had a more interesting character.

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    I have a Navarro and a MM JP6. The PRS is a better all round sound for me, as it has a fuller sound. Pretty similar to this guys videos, even though my JP6 is Basswood, Maple and Rosewood neck.
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    Yeah, I used to own a regural JP6... well actually this JPXI is my 4th EBMM JP model. Anyways... the biggest difference in these models are the pickups. I'd trady my JPXI for another PRS any day.

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