Look what the brown truck just brought: 2012 DGT Standard Black

Initial impressions: plays very well, like you'd expect from a PRS. The size of the DGT neck carve is super comfy. It actually feels very similar to the wide fat rosewood neck on my ME II. I can feel that I've been playing .11s in standard tuning but the jumbo frets make up for that. I think I would like those frets on my SC250! The trem feels nice under my palm, tuning stability seems good even after a dive bomb The Phase III tuners feel very smooth. Loving the dual volume controls!

Short test drive of the sounds tells me it can do any type of music when paired with my Roadster. Particularly impressed with the neck split sound, very usable. The neck split sound is not as different from the split sound of the ME II as I had expected, especially given the varying specs (maple cap vs none, rw neck vs mahogany, stoptail vs trem). But otoh, my ME II does have really good split tones.

I got the guitar from Mark at http://www.guitars4you.co.uk

He was often recommended on BaM and also Vintage Rocker by Twinfan and others, plus I liked his attitude regarding customer service (read the rants & raves on his website and you'll know what I mean) so I just gave him a call. He was very responsive to my countless emails and always kept me updated. Highly recommended and I would do business with him anytime again.

Now please excuse me, I'm off to playing