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    Cool WIN A #8 BASS PICKUP!

    Alllllrighty then, kitty-cats... time for round 2 of my social experiment. The 1st contest was, as you may recall, a small train-wreck but I still managed to give a very cool (and very rare) vintage PRS pickup to our own tone-reporter, Chris (CRGTR)! And... I learned a few things. Let's see if this one goes more smoothly.


    For this contest, I will be giving away a #8 BASS PICKUP!


    Prize Description: #8 pickups have never been used in production. They are stock on guitars Paul Reed Smith has made for himself or his friends. The #8 bass is a full range pickup with warm yet clear characteristics. This one is used (I am the original owner) but in like-new condition. It is covered, gold, and has never been installed. It does not have a coil tap/split wire.

    How To Play: Submit one recent photograph of yourself playing (not just holding) a PRS instrument that you currently own and post it in THIS thread. A photo of you playing a guitar you used to own doesn't count. A photo of someone else playing a guitar you currently own does not count. And let's just say anything you've ever posted before (OR anything older than 1 year) is not considered recent. Take the time to post a new photo! You may replace your photo as many times as you like before 8PM (Mountain Time, USA) 3rd of September but you may only submit one photo.

    Photo Requirements: The widest dimension of your photo can be no bigger than1000 pixels. You may alter the image with photo editing software without restriction. You must be in the photo. You must be playing (not just holding) a PRS brand guitar that you currently own. The photo must be clearly visible in your post without members having to click a hyperlink to a different location. If anyone challenges you on ownership of the guitar, you must produce an additional photo of the guitar with the date of the challenge written on a piece of paper (under the strings) with the date clearly written. Ultimately, it's an honor system. If you can't be honorable, please don't play.

    Selection of the Winner: At 8PM (Mountain Time, USA) on the 3rd of September, my wife will choose 10 of the photographs SHE likes best. I will create a new "Poll" thread with the 10 photos she selects. Our membership will have one week to anonymously vote on the 10 final photographs. The photo with the most votes at 10PM (Mountain Time, USA) on the 9th of September, 2012 is the winner.

    The Fine Print: I am not an employee of PRS Guitars. This experiment is not sponsored by PRS Guitars. This is my own personal property and I am giving it away (on my own terms and conditions) for our mutual entertainment. This is supposed to be fun. If people get weird and make it uncomfortable, I'll just nuke the whole thread and let the offender deal with the crowd. The pickup is used. There are no warranties expressed or implied. Shipping costs, taxes, tariffs, etc are the sole responsibility of the winner. The pickup will be shipped with a $10 value. If the pickup is lost or damaged in shipment, there will be no shipping cost refunds or compensation of any kind. If it isn't worth the risk, don't play. Void where prohibited. Member 239 Sig Club. No animals were violated during the typing of this thread.
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