So I bought one of three EG's up for sale on one of the other PRS Forums last week. It came in (all intact & exactly as-described) Looks very cool with the white & t-shell guard. So....then I did what I always seem to do....I tear it completely apart ! Another pickup maker I just discovered from TGP sent a set over for the GREAT AMERICAN PICKUP SHOOTOUT & I loved 'em so much we talked about what to put in the EG (Snowy) . We went with his "Signature set". These pups are going to surprise a lot of people. VERY unique & full of tone. Not gonna say who makes 'em yet...more later.
I found a USA PRS nut, TonePros locking studs & Jon sold me a PRS USA bridge & Markie gave me an old beat-to-hell BadAss bridge. Can't wait to see which one stays in. I haven't changed the tuners yet. I may not. I had very good luck with the stock SE tuners in my SE One. Maybe these will do the same. I would put pics up now, but I really want the BIG reveal.
This is going to be a totally gig-worthy tone monster. All for very little $$.
I love doing experiments like this one. Anyway, more on this one next week!
Here's a before shot: