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    I did a quick estimate on what it would take to do diamond birds this morning. I based it on using 2 mm. diamonds, looks like approximately 150 stones, weighing roughly 4-5 carats. Of course we would be using high quality diamonds, VS clarity, E-F color. Diamonds are going to cost $1500 per carat, labor would be crazy expensive. I would guess I would charge roughly $1500 or more to set them. After thinking more about it, it would be REALLY difficult to set them. The inlays would have to be put into the neck first to level them( I assume) meaning diamonds would have to be set after. Holding the neck while setting them would be a big challenge, darn near impossible. I think the bigger issue would be wear on the settings and on strings. The strings over time would grind down the prongs holding the diamonds, and the diamonds would reek havoc on the strings. It would have to be a looker, not a player. I'm going to start laying out a truss cover today, I'm trying to figure out what design to use first.........
    as a collegue i'd avoid diamond birds cause you can't hardly keep them clean from sweat and other dirt.
    it is a guitar and i want to play it - the feel wouldn't be nice ether.
    for at a lot of pavée stuff we use diamonds in SI1 and top wesselton colour g-h quality - means fine white!
    that is way enough and keeps the price much lower.
    no one would watch a 2mm stone with a loupe and even then you won't see big issues.
    here is a ring in gold 750 with an great emerald, 2 raised triangle diamonds and a lot of diamonds around.
    every stone is single enchased! not a cast but truely forged - was a hell of a work!
    sorry for the phrase, but the photo really doesn't do justice.....

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