First let me confess to the possibility that I have more guitars than I need. I see the question about "which 1 would you keep" quite frequently and there is no good answer to that - 1 is NOT enough.

I work far enough from home that I keep a few guitars there and last Tuesday that few was 5: Les Paul, McCarty, CU24, acoustic and 12 string (which I didn't really count because I don't play 12 string this time of year).
I found that selection VERY limiting. Crazy, because they are all excellent guitars, but still very limiting.
Thinking about it, the 3 that had gone to PTC were the most versatile that I had: HB with piezo, SAS and signature. I was a little bit lost with them all gone.
But Shawn and the PTC team got them all back in my hands this Tuesday and life is good again.