I recently learned of this site, and thought I might learn and share some guitar insight. So thank you in advance to all.

I have an '04 Artist, gold hardware, Dragon IIs (I believe), One piece top, with the 5 way rotary. And NO horn far!
I bought this about 5 years ago, knowing little to nothing about PRS.......long time Custom player, and have the blown up left shoulder to prove it. I'm interested to hear some insight from more informed owners/players about this guitar. I seldom play it, but when I do, I can't seem to find many tone settings I like with the D2s...Sounds always very low, dark, unresponsive on upper mids and highs. Would a setup of the "newer" pups make a resounding difference? I understand tone can be subjective--I'm comparing to sounds/ranges of my other guitars. And , no, I don't play any strats, etc.pretty much a humbucker guy on everything. Has anyone any suggestions, or am I not using my Marshall 800 eq properly?
Also, the previous owner lost the hang tag, can I find out if the fingerboard/ headstock is a sure looks like it? And finally, I would bet some guys/gals have had the tone selector setups converted to 3 way toggle. Any insight here would be greatly appriciated.
It is a stunning guitar from asthetic standpoint, hence my relectance to play it too much, but if I'm going to keep it, I wan't it to sound as good as it looks, and right now I believe it could be improved upon.
Thank you all for your time, and sorry in advance for probably asking the same silly questions all us newbies's just that all my ax type buddies seem to be armchair experts about the PRS brand, yet none play them.
Oh yes, I did take a picture of it......being the computer baffon that I am, 'can't figure out how to get it on the post........'can't walk and chew gum either.............