New DGT day!

I already have an amazing DGT that handles the standard DGT sounds which are warm, articulate, with a vintage vibe and all so I wanted to make this one my heavy hitter. Out come the DGT p'ups and in go a brand new set of Dragons that I scored from PRS's pickup sell off a few weeks ago. These are the same p'ups that I had sent to Chris for his shootout.

It took me many emails and inquiries to everyone to figure out how to wire them in but once I got the soldering iron out it was actually pretty straightforward. If anyone else takes on this I could draw out a diagram of how they get wired in. Now this guitar sounds amazing to me with a very hot and crunchy tone that cleans up surprisingly well when you roll off the volume. I am extremely curious to hear Chris's take on these but I am very happy with them for my needs. I also dig the 'Navarro' vibe it gives the guitars looks

Other than the p'ups this Standard model is as terrific as the regular DGT, different tone when stock due to the all mahogany but this i felt made it better suited to the upgrades I wanted for it. Very happy with it!

I got this awesome new DGT Standard from Derek at Morgan Guitars. This is my second deal with him, he supplied my Blistertone, and I cannot say enough good about his pricing and customer service, even emailing me after the delivery to make sure I like it and am happy with the deal.