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Thread: Kennedy-Tremonti Dueling PRSi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Em7 View Post
    Mark Tremonti's success can attributed to being in a band that had a singer than sounded like Eddie Vedder and writing music that vaguely sounded like STP.
    Well, that was a decade ago. He's had a very successful band since then, without either of the 'characteristics' you described above.(STP?LOL) What can you attribute his current success to?

    Quote Originally Posted by Em7 View Post
    Alter Bridge is a niche band compared to Creed.
    Interesting....exactly what niche are they apart of?
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    Quote Originally Posted by solacematt View Post
    ...most of One Day Remains was already written prior to Myles entering the band. The second album was more of an actual collaborative effort. It doesn't matter how great a musician you are, if you can't write a great song period, your odds of actual success won't most likely will not come. Myles previous band, The Mayfield Four didn't really go anywhere. Obviously he wasn't that great a songwriter, and his band was out at a time when great songs were being recognized, not musicianship. The only people who really care about technical proficiency are the people who play, or try to play that way.
    I think it's a bit unfair to say he's not a great songwriter - 'Second Skin' by The Mayfield Four is easily in my top 5 albums of all time - it's absolutely stunning, filled with gutsy, heartfelt tunes and some very tasty (but not show-off) guitar playing. Each to their own and all that, but just because someone doesn't make it big doesn't mean that 'obviously' they weren't good enough a songwriter.

    I'm just glad he finally found success after all that hard work, and hope his solo album isn't too far off. I'm still holding out on PRS producing a Myles Kennedy signature model - I'd buy one in a heartbeat, for sure. As well as being a great musician Myles also has a really good ear for finding the right tone, and I'd love to see how that would be translated into a signature guitar!

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    prs+diezel amps are in the 90% of the modern rock records...killer combination, and yes! i am using prs and diezel amps....

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