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Hey Mark...

How is it if you roll off the tone knob a touch? Are you left with muddy sounding bass side or can you balance it all out?

If you decide to change the pot(s) you'll need a reamer to enlarge the holes if you go with CTS pots... And probably new knobs. Not expensive or hard to do though.
+1 to that. Mike is absolutely right, some brands of pots are different shaft diameter than stock, CTS being one of them I believe. When I changed out my pots on my SECU22, I had to enlarge the holes, and it didn't go well, took a decent size chunk out of the veneer top. Luckily it was small enough to still be under the knob in the end. That veneer is just so thin, I wouldn't risk messing with it. DO NOT use a power drill with plain ol' drill bits (probably common sense to the woodworking types, but not me). When I swapped pots on my SECU24, I used whatever brand they sell in-store at Guitar Center. Can't remember what it was exactly, but they were an exact drop in, which kept my blood pressure a lot lower, and they seem to be nice pots. Anyways, just don't want you to end up with big flakes of guitar top popping off!