I spent 7 hours with Derek & Britney from Morgan Guitars today & played 27 PRS guitars & amps. A kid in a candy store doesn't even come close!!! Other than pics of Markies basement, I have never seen so many awesome guitars and amps in one room. I had a freakin' blast!!! Of course it's all on video & after the blood stops pouring from my ears, I'll get started putting together a killer video demo of some amazing guitars & amps. I had a hard time not leaving with one of his 25th Annie's. That amp is KILLER!!!! And so was the MDT, & the new "H"'s, the Bugs Dallas, the "C" and so on, and so on...... Plenty of killer guitars too. Anyway, Just wanted to say today was a very good day.
Oh.... & the Tree Of Life guitar was breathtaking, but I kept getting lost on the fretboard!! Too much cool stuff to look at!!! Great day!!