Short introduction since Iím new here; Iíve been playing guitar for 25 years or so and having recently retired from the Air Force, moved back to Olympia, Washington. Iíve returned to college to work on my BA. Which means cash flow is pretty limited these days However, Iíll be in a unique position to purchase something special in a few months, so naturally the first thing to come to mind is PRS.

My musical taste is more of the classic rock style, so Iíve been trying to decide between the DGT & Custom 24. I want to buy new; either 2011 or 2012. The recent changes in finish, pickups, etc. really appeal to me.

So I need help choosing between the two. Iím pretty sure the DGT pickups will give me the sweet humbucker tones and pretty good single coil tones. How does the new Cust24 compare to the DGT? I like the idea of PRS trying to improve on the HB pickups, but do they fall short of the DGT pickups or surpass them? I really like guitars that are versatile- those that do more than one or two tones really well.

Iíve been leaning towards the DGT thanks to the pickups & two volume controls. But the Cust24 has me wondering if the new pickups are more flexibleÖ(i.e. DGT tones and more). Then there is of course the abstract question about which is the more musical of the twoÖ

Anyway thatís where I find myself at the moment. Itíll be a few months before Iíll be able to make a purchase, so I have time to research and take a trip up to Seattle to test drive (hopefully) each. I figured thereís no place better than here to ask owners of the two guitars these questions.