I much prefer the DGT's over the CU24's.

I generally like the 22 fret spacing and the DGT's essentially a hot rodded McCarty, one of the best PRS designs ever, imho.

Everything that's been added by David was based on his many years of playing a McCarty trem, and I'm happy he and PRS have invested so much time deciding on on the different and unique features. The pickups are excellent, both in tone and flexibility with the great split tones. But the humbucker tones are juicy and very responsive to pickup volume, and playing dynamics.

I like how the new locking tuners are so light, it keep the neck nicely balanced, and reduces the overall weight of the guitar.

The larger frets make it so easy to play and bend... some people don't like them, but they are my favorite, as my style includes a lot of bending. They also allow the use of 11's with the ease of playing you might expect from 10's. I don't have any problem with 11's on this guitar, and I'm very happy to keep 11's on the DGT's.

I have both a regular and standard DGT, and I like both of their tones. The maple capped one has a little more high end bite, but both sound great.