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Thread: YOINK: A Guitar Photo Game

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    YOINK: A Guitar Photo Game

    How it works:
    1) The first player, called The Server, says "Show me [insert PRS guitar model]"
    2) Specifying details that aren't factory original are void - but PTC mods (which are, technically, from the factory) count
    3) Players race to find a photo of that specific guitar (not just a link) and post it in this thread
    4) Whoever manages to post a photo of the guitar 1st becomes the new Server and repeats step one
    5) If no one manages to find an image of the guitar after 4 hours, the Server must submit a different guitar before the 5th hour
    6) If the Server has not responded by the 5th hour, a Thief can steal the serve by typing "YOINK"
    7) Failure to YOINK the serve voids the attempt
    8) Failure to say "Show me..." voids the serve and anyone can YOINK it
    9) Failure to make it a PRS guitar voids the serve and anyone can YOINK it
    10) My game, my rules


    Show me a cedar-top (Signature) Limited Edition!
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