Hi All,

I just joined a short time ago, and figured that I should stop lurking and introduce myself. And, what better way to say hi than with a NGD!

I've had a SE Singlecut for about a year now and have been gassing for a 245 ever since. Well, I finally make the move and picked up a brand new 245 last week. It needed a bit more tweaking than the singlecut to get it where I like it, but still far less than most other guitars that I have set up. The biggest thing is that I like my action a bit on the high side, so that took some work to get just right...

The tone on the 245 is so much sweeter than the singlecut (which is still awesome BTW). The thickness of the body definitely makes it a bit warmer and provides a greater bass response (I had to adjust my amp's bass setting down a bit to accomodate). Now I just need to lose some weight to accomodate the thicker body against my stomach!

It is perfect? No, but it comes as close as you can get for under $1,000. Nothing else can touch it for quality in this price range.

I'll upload some pics as soon as I can figure out how... This forum doesn't seem to want to let me upload images... Any advice?