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Thread: My PRS Custom 24

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    My PRS Custom 24

    Okay so as I am 'new' here I thought I should share.

    I found a load of tickets and pics in the case today, I forgot I had them in there.

    PRS Navarro Custom 24, PRS SE One, Gibson R7, Gibson Classic, Gibson SG, EBMM JP6, ESP Eclipse I, Fender Kotzen Tele, Fender Billy Corgan, Fender 1970 Jazzmaster,Fender Standard Series Strat 2000 ,Fender Jagmaster, Fender J Mascis , Squire J Mascis, Squire Hello Kitty pink, Ibanez RG560, Ibanez RG550/JEM, Yamaha TVL, Burny Custom, Custom Tele, Mesa Loestar Special 2x12, Jet City 50H and matching cab, Peavey Classic 20 and a ton of other stuff....

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    I know I love my Navarro Custom 24. LOVE IT! It kills every guitar I've A/B'd it against.

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    this is a fine guitar!
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