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Thread: Birds and moons

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    Birds and moons


    I'm in the process of buying a PRS SE custom 24. Not the newest 2012 model, but the previous one. However, there's a small mystery I can't dig out... Some guitars (at least the whale blue models) come with bird inlays and red knobs, others come with moon inlays and black knobs. There is no difference in price. Are those variations of the same model or one guitar is older than the other?

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    I am pretty sure that all models from 2010 onward had birds. I (until recently) had a 2010 25th Anniversary SE CST24 and it had birds. I can say that the birds on my 2011 SEs (Santana and 245) look alot more like real pearl than the ones on the 2010, which just kind of looked like light grey plastic.

    Check out the following link, you can identify the year of SEs by the first letter in the S/N:

    Enjoy, great guitars for the money. I haven't played one of the 2012s, but you can tap the coils, and they've got a semi-carved top and blade switch - a few more steps closer to their American cousins.

    Happy shopping!
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    I'll make sure I get the birds!

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    You'll love the birds. I had a PRS Custom 24 fret years ago and it had the moons. I always regretted not having the bird inlays. I have an SE Custom Semi-Hollow Body now and I made sure it had the bird inlays. I love it. Go for the bird inlays... much more distinctive for a PRS.
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