Was perusing a mail catalog from a major music chain, noticed an add for the 2012 Les Paul custom with a...Richlite fingerboard.

I am not a Gibson hater (wish I still had my old early 90's Custom and 80's 335) and I understand that they had some issues with ebony, but really?

For $4k, I want 100% real wood, real pearl, real whatever...not something I might use for my kitchen countertop. Maybe I've become a PRS snob, but I just could not believe for the price that the fretboard wasn't even wood...ANY type of wood.

I am sure if you blindfolded me I would not hear the difference...it's the principle at the price point. I think PRS has (and does) use some synthetic materials for the insides of some hollow birds, and I can totally condone synthetic birds on my $700 SEs...and I get the green angle and that's valid.

I'm just saying it made me go downstairs and ogle my 2012 Siggy, which I paid less than $4k for, and smile.

Do you think PRS will ever consider synthetics for tone-critical components? I would think it goes against "The Rules" but, then again, I don't know the rules...

Cantankerous, out.