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Welcome! Glad to ce the love

I miss that model a lot to be honest, some people really dig bolt ons and I was one of them!
I owned a Custom long before a CE, but since I bought my first CE in`90 I've been a huge fan. It had that certain something the Custom didn't, maybe it was a little more sparkle in the upper mids and top end that I really liked. Whatever it is, it's a formula that works for me. I do limit my love to the alder and alder/maple guitars as the mahogany CEs do not appeal to me. I understand all the reasons for switching to mahogany I just don't like what it did for the model. Yes I love the lowly CE, what a great guitar and I'm amazed there are still people that are snobs when it comes to any guitar without a set neck, I just don't understand it.