I finally got my hands on a set of 59/09s (squabbins) and I dropped them in my CE24. WOW!

Had a Studio with the 57/08 and NFs and they were fantastic as well. I know tone is subjective but to me these 5#/0# and the 53/10 series pickups are magic. The PRS guitars I have played with them not only sound amazing they feel different when you play them, thick complex harmonics that you feel in the body of the guitar. The 59/09s just transformed my CE. It's going to be hard to put it down. I know this topic has been discussed in ridiculous detail and Chris' recent shoot out shows how great these pickups are as compared to a range of other wonderful PRS pickups but I had to share. Now I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need a set of 57/08s in my SC. Good luck with that.