Couldn't resist pulling the trigger on the SE Custom. My only acoustic prior to this is vintage, but not in great shape (to say the least) - I couldn't resist the birds but also couldn't justify the price tag for 'made in MD' this time.

I'm not at all unhappy with the purchase when I think about it in terms of guitar-per-buck. Very nice rich tone, very easy to play, and did I mention the birds? But the headstock strikes me, frankly, as cheap-looking. The giant 'SE' there, and on the label inside, and on the case, seem a little like overkill. The rest of it really is pretty to look at, but it's clearly not of the same class as I'm used to (snob alert). But maybe I'm just spoiled by my other two PRS electric beauties?

Anyway, for < $800 I'm not complaining at all. I find myself enjoying playing it more every time I pick it up and I love having the freedom that a cutaway affords - it just isn't quite as pretty as I had hoped.