Dropped of my SG at A Sharp Music where I bought my SE Santana a month back.
They are putting on Planet Wave Autotrim tuners, EB Cobalts, and tuneup the whole guitar since Guitar Center does not do this.
I really like this local music shop as they do great work, and make sure your guitar is setup correctly before leaving.

Todd, I told Skip that you said hello, and I met John too.
Jay the tech is off today, he will be in tomorrow to start surgery on my SG

While I was there I looked at three Les Paul styles.

The Tremonti

245 in Tobacco like the URL here, wish they had the red tortoise one in

And the Single Cut

The 245 was heavy like my old Gibson '73 Les Paul Deluxe, while the Tremonti was very light.
I liked those two better than the Single Cut.

Between the 245 and the Tremonti, which is a better one for classic rock?
Kind of leaning towards the Tremonti since it is a little thinner and lighter in weight.
Both were very nice though, and it is weird seeing no bridge to set the intonation like I have on my SG.

I see they have other Les Paul styles too, but I did not get a chance to check out any others while I was there.