I have three Hercules GS415B floor stands, and I also wanted to put up two of their wall hangers.
They have several wall hanger models, but I got the best one IMO that has a tilting yoke on it for different shaped head stocks.
Hercules stands are also safe for Gibson and PRS finishes.

Hercules GSP38WB

Hercules wall mount from Amazon

The wall hanger is going to be for my little Fernandes guitar so I have easy access to it when I feel like figuring out something I may hear on TV.
The floor stands are for when I have weekend time to play for an hour or more at a time, so I will get out both the SG and Santana and play both.
When not playing the latter two, I always keep them in their cases.

They look pretty cool though hanging on the wall hangers.
The far right hanger I may use to hang the guitar cords or straps on it, or maybe another guitar full time.
I have my eyes on another PRS guitar, just waiting for my local music store to get the first batch in, but I will save that for another day to talk about it after I have it home.

The hardware comes with nice long screws and plastic anchors for drywall mounting without drilling into a stud.
Personally I would not mount a hanger on the wall using the anchors into drywall only and trust one of my axes to hang there for very long.

I ditched the anchors and used a magnetic stud finder I got also from Amazon.
I like the magnetic stud finder better than the other type as it has powerful magnets in it that will let you let go of the stud finder and have it in place on the wall, and you can use a plumb bob, string, or just eyeball below its pointed base to drill your screws into the stud behind the wall.
Here is a link to it.
CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder

Here are a few pics, and the last one was just messing around in Google's Picasa photo editor which I use for all of my photos.
It had a tab I had not accessed before that is loaded up with all kinds of cool options to change the way your picture looks.
I choose pencil drawing from the options.

Here is an excellent video on YouTube of the same model wall hangers I installed Friday, and it helped me make the choice of these mounts.