Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything with the search feature... I'm just curious what y'all like to use for picks. I have been using green Tortex (.88) picks for years, but recently started to pick up a variety of other types to see if I might like something better. I found that I actually like the tone of nylon picks a bit better, but not their feel (too springy feeling for me).

This past week, I decided to try some metal picks just for kicks. I grabbed some brass ones as they were described by a few folks as being the "warmer" options compared to steel or copper. Oddly enough, I REALLY like these picks! They truly are warmer sounding than plastic picks. I haven't tried other metals to compare them to, but I plan to soon just to see how the different metals differ from one another. I was quite surprised as I thought that metal would be harsher sounding, but I was completely wrong. I have quickly found that I need to pay more attention to my attack to make sure that I hold the pick parallel to the string, otherwise there is a slight rubbing sound (mainly on the wound strings). However, the fact that they are getting me to pay more attention to the details of my technique can only be a good thing...

What is everyone else using these days? Anyone else have any experience with metal picks?