I have three of the yellow Gibson 100% cotton polish cloths I use on my SG and PRS SE Santana.
I have read that using a microfiber one is not the best, as it can scratch a nitro finish, and I prefer not to use the microfiber on my SE Santana too.

Amazon no longer has the Gibson cloths under a Prime Membership, but I found a 100% cotton Planet Waves one.
Planet Waves Untreated Polish Cloth

I had bought their microfiber one shortly before my SG came in spring of this year, but have not used it after reading up on it that it was not good for a nitro finish.

Ordering several of these to try out since they are all cotton.
I like to keep one in each case, so when I get done playing, I wipe the guitar down before I put it away.
I also clean the strings each time with one of these after playing too, and I keep one in each case as well.
The String Cleaner by ToneGear