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  • 57/08

    51 43.97%
  • 59/09

    21 18.10%
  • 53/10

    15 12.93%
  • HFS/VB

    17 14.66%
  • McCarty

    3 2.59%
  • DGT

    18 15.52%
  • Dragons

    13 11.21%
  • Artist

    1 0.86%
  • Soapbars

    1 0.86%
  • Santana

    1 0.86%
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Thread: the best PRS pickup

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    Quote Originally Posted by clcwarlock View Post
    My favorite is 57/08 with 53/10 in 2nd place.
    I'm right there with you! Love the 57/08s, but the 53/10s are creeping up to the top spot (doesn't hurt that the 53/10s are my killer P22!).

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    Like the 57/08's alot....frigging Love the Tremonti bridge!

    Edit: Just realized that I love those pickups only because they are the only two styles of prs pups I have played.....
    Edit 2: Just remembered the SE One sitting in the garage...and I really like the bite of that soapbar....I better hide my credit card cause the wheels are turning now lol
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    For those who prefer the 57/08, what kind of music are you guys playing most often?

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    Depends on the guitar. I love the 57/08s in my HB2 but I hated them in my Cu24. I prefer the Dragon II pickups in that,

    Quote Originally Posted by FunkyFreeman View Post
    For those who prefer the 57/08, what kind of music are you guys playing most often?
    Classic hard rock from the 70s. Think 70s era Rush.

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    believe it or not, i like the 5708s best in my les paul.
    5909s in my mcrosie, etc...
    Bavarian Barbarian

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    I voted Dragons, but I mean the Dragon Is...
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    I can't believe the DGTs don't get more love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyoming T/A View Post
    No Narrowfield choice ????
    the narrowfields, then the narrowfields, and then a close third, the NARROWFIELDS. i cant believe more people dont give these things a chance. i've got them in a mccarty 25 ann., and i think their the best sounding pickup i've ever heard !

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