Hi all,

This is my first post here:-) I recently bought a used Hollowbody ll custom build, I believe I am the 3rd owner of this guitar that was made for a PRS employee in 2008. It is in almost mint un-played condition, however when I got it the B & top E tuners were not behaving correctly. The B tuner was very stiff and the top E tuner loose, when you turned it the string did not move at first.

I found that on both tuners, the chrome nuts that slip over the post and screw down in to the top of the headstock were loose, so I tightened them both, I then loosened the little screw on the B tuner button (is button the right word for the part you turn on the tuner to tighten/loosen the string?), which seems to have made it less stiff, albeit a little stiffer than the rest. On the top E tuner I tightened the little screw on the button which has made the movement smoother and precise.

I just really wanted to know if I have understood the adjustment of the tuners correctly?

Also, when I have tuned the guitar to pitch (with electronic tuner) and put it in its original PRS fitted case, the next time I get it out it is slightly sharp, a gentle tug on each string brings it back to pitch. I am guessing the strings are getting a little stuck in the nut due to the downward pressure from the cushion in the top of the case lid that rests on the neck. I am using 10-46 which according to the tag was the factory setup. When I next change strings I will put a little Big Bends nut sauce in the nut slots.

Its a superb guitar, I really love the tone from the archtop PUs, I am getting used to the neck which is a little chunkier than my other guitars but is actually much easier on my ageing thumb:-) I was really lucky to get this as used Hollowbodies don't come up often here in the UK, let alone a custom build signed by Paul himself! I am hoping this will be a keeper, its the only PRS I own, I used to have a 1998 Hollowbody Spruce which I sold some years ago and have regretted selling ever since.