So.... I recently played a PRS DGT Standard and really liked it. The pickups sounded great and the guitar was a perfect fit. I also like the new finish ... doesn't feel as thick as the finish on my old PRS. I found one online for a great price so I ordered it. Hopefully it plays/sounds as good as the one I tried out. So ...

I sold my PRS Custom 22 a few years back ... Something I've regretted ever since. Quite honestly, I never totally "bonded" with the pickups (dragon II) or the rotary switch, but I enjoyed the way it played. I wish I had just swapped the pickups ... But I didn't.

Anyway, I'll be sure to post some pics once it arrives.

FWIW, I played in several steady working band for years, but decided a couple years ago that the 4-6 nights per week was a bit much along with my day job. I miss the extra cash which basically went towards gear, but actually enjoy playing guitar a lot more. The DGT will be my the first new guitar in 2 1/2 years, so I'm really excited about this.