New Amp Day, CAD Custom MDT!

Played it for a few minutes, it is very similar to the Sewell in that it has great gain tones, and still maintains those great gain tones at very low volumes, but very different as to where the controls are set to get there. Definitely a significant evolution of the platform! I actually think this has less gain than the Sewell, which is okay, the Sewell has a TON, more than you would need, really.

This amp is also special to me because it is cloned off the one that Eric C, AaeCee and I played with PRSh and Paul Miles in April at Paul's studio, we A/B'ed three and this one was unanimously our favorite, and from what I am told this one (and aristotle's) follows the exact design of our favorite of Paul's that we played, that has been how Eric has been ordering the CAD ones.

The Black Gold Maple looks good with the Paisley, and now all my amps match :

Also have a 4x10 coming in in Paisley and Black Gold, and plan to get a 2nd 2 Channel H for home as well.

Will post more tone reports as I spend more time with it.

I love NAD's, just as much as NGD's!!