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Thread: Hum on PRS single coil pickups?

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    Hum on PRS single coil pickups?

    Hi everyone,
    Can someone with experience with the PRS single coil equipped guitars and Fender guitars please comment on pickup hum in the PRS models? My local dealer doesn't have a DC3 or 305 (yet), so I'm keen to hear what some experienced people think. Thanks!

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    I plugged both these guitars in at a store yesterday into a Mesa recto-verb combo with a decent amount of gain dialed in. The DC3 was dead silent in all pickup positions. The 305 had some slight hum in positions 1, 3, 5. It wasn't a lot, but it was audible and there. Positions 2 & 4 were dead silent.

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    I get some hum on pretty much everything single coil or tapped, even slightly on the Siggy, but the wiring in my house is not the best - it's expected.

    The only guitar I have where the hum interferes with playing is one of my SE EGs, but that's because the previous owner put in different pots and did a poor soldering job, so it's not grounded well.
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    Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated.

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