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Thread: MC58 RULES!!!

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    MC58 RULES!!!

    I've played guitar now for 53 years (yeah, so I'm ancient - so what?) and have owned a LOT of guitars over that time. They tend to fall into boxes. A few of 'em follow.
    The good: A Gibson 345 that I was nuts to ever let go. A custom-assembled (by me) Bubinga Schecter Tele that I was nuts to ever let go.
    The bad: A supposedly "classic" Strat. Can you say "Warmoth"? Knew ya could. That's ALL I said after that lousy Fender.
    The disappointing: An original Howard Roberts. Just lousy tone. A Fender VG Strat. BEAUTIFUL guitar, gorgeous tone, a million options - and the batteries wouldn't make it through 4 tunes. A Gibson Les Paul. (Yawn!) Yeah, so what?
    The great: My gorgeous PRS Custom 22 20th Anniversary edition.
    The totally immortal (and don't argue!): A Travis Bean TB1000 Standard. Who cares if it goes sharp during the first set if it sustains for about a year and a half?
    And the PRS MC58 I bought yesterday. I have NEVER fallen in love with a guitar so fast. It speaks love, it speaks fury, it speaks funk, and it does it all with PERFECT action and complete beauty (Smokeburst) out of the box. This thing is one for the ages. My deepest thanks to the PRS team for building a legend that I can bond with.

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    Cool, and I share the whole age thing with you, but you know we need pics.

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    Congrats they are a nice guitar There is one I would love to have but I can not afford it at the moment.
    Another 17 years and I will have the same playing time in as you , maybe then I can get one lol

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