I played guitar off and on for several decades before I started to write my own music. Granted, I wrote a song here and there, but I did not put any serious effort into writing music until about six or seven years ago. Now, I find myself in a situation where I no longer want to play cover tunes. It's not that my material is exceptional. It's that my material is my material, and the only to get better at writing music is to continue to write and perform one's own music.

With that said, do you write your own music? What are your motivations for writing you own music? For example, my main motivation for writing music is not career-oriented in nature. I am merely trying to leave something behind for my children. However, many people on this forum are still young enough to have a serious shot at having a viable career in music; therefore, I would expect a few forum members to be seriously trying to make it with their original music.