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Thread: Do you write your own music?

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    Absolutely! Though it sounds like you may be overqualified to write tunes for future X-Factor contestants!

    My lyrics are the same i'm afraid. I have a feeling it's something you have to work at just like guitar playing.
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    It's funny....I love to write to express my thoughts. that being said, I have absolutely no desire to write music or songs. Has to do with my music I.Q. or lack thereof.

    I do love the challange of figuring out songs to cover. Some are much more challanging than others. One of these days I am going to tackle "House of the rising sun" or maybe even a Ramones Tune.

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    Yes, I get bored if I'm not actively trying to create something new.

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    I write lyrics and fool around with chords mostly. I haven't even been playing the guitar for a year yet, and I haven't had a single lesson, so I tend to focus on the lyrics more than the actual music. I'm hoping to get better and turn it into a career before I get out of school . . .

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