As some of you know, I have an affinity for the SE One. A few years ago I tricked-out a white, mahogany, SE One with US hardware, an adjustable PRS stoptail, and a Deep Dish 2 pickup with exceptional results. That guitar just killed and it was a favorite in the house. I dubbed the guitar "Bad Mutha F$%^r". It was my 1st SE and I was blown away by the finish quality and fretwork. Some of you may recall my rant about SE-snobs that followed. Obviously, that thread died with Birds & Moons (BaM).


I had a co-worker who fell in love with Bad Muth F@#$er. While it was amazing for Voxy shimmer and warm cleans, it was an all-out rock monster through my 25th Anniversary amp and his 5150. He had been a very good friend to me - and he got my back when a screw-ball co-worker tried to railroad me (sometimes the good guys actually win). Anyway... I gave him the guitar.

6 months (or so) later, I started planning BMF Version 2.0. When I should have followed the winning recipe, I let my inner-geek talk me into a few tweaks. v2 was based on a Korina SE One platform (instead of mahogany) and was 2 Tek'd with brass saddles. I don't know if it's the bridge or the wood. Both? But v2 is pretty different from BMF v1. Acoustically, v2 it isn't as woody. v2 is quite twangy. The big plate on the back of the 2Tek gives it a distinctly hollow and metallic tone like resonator guitar and even a little like a banjo. It is quite "spanky". I think that's why a 2Tek works so well on a tele platform. But I'm not much of a country player so I'm going to try to reclaim the sound of BMF v1 with BMF v3!

I'll post the progress in this thread.

An SC58-style 2-piece stoptail would be pretty cool this time around. A PRS stoptail is going on v3 either way. I want to drive the vibration back into the wood as much as possible. I am truly torn about whether or not to go back to Mahogany or stay with Korina. I am leaning toward Korina once more but they are more expensive and I'm trying to fly under the radar with my budget. What can I say, I've pushed my wife too far, too many time, with guitars. The good news is that SE's are quite affordable so it makes well executed experimentation low risk.

v3 will get a lipstick pickup (slanted) in the neck position. I am pretty stoked about that! I'm thinking a 3-way switch routed behind the bridge (so it's in the usual McCarty position) would be the way to go. A 3-way in the usual LP position isn't very intuitive for me because I don't play LP's. Also, I think I'll try a stacked pot this time instead of adding a 2nd pot (for tone control) and moving the volume pot forward. I'm not a big fan of volume pots under the bridge pup because I hit it too much when I'm playing.

The color combo really works well for me on v2 but I'm jonesing for an Orange guitar with black trim and the black headstock with black pickguard is all ready to go on a Korina SE One. Next step... buy the donor guitar and send it off to the PTC! I'll keep the updates posted here. Give me a little time to find and fund the donor guitar. I'll post pics of it before it heads to Stevensville.