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Maybe it's seven strings, just not all on the same guitar.... hehehe

Actually, I'm eager to see the 7 string demo to get a better sense of how the extra string adds to the mix.
Yeah man, I encourage everyone to play it. I mean I dont know if I conveyed it on this new board, but when I started the initial thread on BAM back in the day I said that I am not even a sevenstring player really - I just knew the market very well and was upset to see people paying LARGE amounts of money to these private luthiers and overseas companies for 7 strings that when you asked them a majority of them would say "oh id prefer a PRS 7, but they don't have one". So that really was what started the whole thing as I love nothing more than people becoming part of the PRS family. The company rules for more reasons than I can explain and everyone knows it