Dear Paul,

I might be crucified by other members here. How dare I, right? So I am risking my life with this, but I just need to do this. (guys don't kill me...pretty please)

In hopes that you sometimes during your busy day take a peek at the forum, I would like to voice my humble wish. That I also strongly feel is the wish of a big number of players world wide. Here it goes.

Would it be possible that you consider adding another 24 fret guitar in addition to the CU24 (which I love and also have one) but a 24 fret guitar more focused on the Modern-rock/fusion-Jazz market?

I am thinking about those players who are more technically inclined players and play modern Rock/fusion/Jazz and anything in between.
There is a new generation of guys growing up playing Rock Fusion /metal/jazz, etc.. and they really need a 24 fret PRS guitar with the following features:

Based on the CU24 body:

1) 10-14 inch Compound Radius neck for lowest possible action and fast upper register playing.

2) 5 way blade switch placed on the same position of the 305. This is the most "Perfect" location for fast sound switching when soloing.

3) have a HSH pickup config option. Add a single coil pickup in the middle. This is for getting the best "in between" sounds.
(gotta be able to "lower" this middle pickup a lot for those with fat fingers )

5) No pickup rings. All pickups mounted on the wood itself for a leaner modern look! (like you do on the middle pup on the swamp ash)

6) Regular Pattern and Wide Thin profile necks choice. With small neck heel for better grip at the last frets.

7) PRS Trem and locking tuners.

8) Make a maple neck with rosewood fretboard version available as well as a mahogany/rosewood version.

You could call this guitar the "Modern 24" or something along the lines.

Then get Dave Weiner and Emil Werstler on board playing these.. and snatch a few British up and coming guys and I think it will be a home run.

I know that I've been wanting to play a PRS like that for many many years.